What we do and who
we are.

All of us do amazing things when working together. We have created severs, websites, terminal software, plugins, and more. As a group of good friends, teamwork is our top prority, and it is what keeps our success afloat.

Our historical adventures
leading to what we are now.

Ever since 2010, yatooma25 has been creating and enhancing game servers. The first of these were Minecraft servers running with the assistance of lordzarkof and unkn0wnGUNNER. After the Minecraft ship had sailed, yatooma25 began expirimentation with Garry's Mod servers of which unkn0wnGUNNER and fulmetalmaster assisted with. As of late, all of us have been working with a Minecraft server and are creating a linux program known as LARKIN to assist with server management.

What one of us could do
for you.

We may work well as a group, but that doesn't mean that we don't work well on our own. Each of us have our own unique skillsets that we take great pride in. Having worked together for so long, we have managed to learn new, useful skills from eachother. You can see the skillsets of each of our team members by visiting their Team Member page.

Team Members

The head members of our fantastic team, and what they do.


AKA yatooma25

Web Designer
Server Host
Software Designer


AKA lordzarkof

Server Host Assistant
Software Beta Tester



Server Host Assistant
Web Design Assistant
Software Beta Tester

Kakka Carrot Cake

AKA fulmetalmaster

Server Host Assistant
Web Designer
Software Beta Tester

Current Projects

What we're currently working on.

Pic 01

The Greecian Island - Minecraft Server

The Greecian Island is a minecraft server that mixes both survival and factions. With top of the line plugins and server management, our server is online 24/7 and is always fun to play. All of our structures are 100% custom and built on the servers that you see them on. This includes the spawn, teleport hubs, PvP arena, and more.

Pic 02

LARKIN - Ubuntu Server UI Software

LARKIN is a software project founded by yatooma25. The intended purpose of LARKIN is to provide a lightweight and easy to use server management UI on linux servers hosting game servers. Currently the project only supports Ubuntu Linux and is in closed beta. Soon LARKIN will be able to support a variety of Source servers and Minecraft servers and will be availible to the public for free with open source.